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Laos: ADB’s eucalyptus plantations increase poverty

28 Feb

In a December 2005 report, the ADB’s Operations Evaluations Department confirmed that the ADB’s industrial tree plantations project has increased poverty. Yet only one month after the OED published its report the Bank announced another tree plantations project in Laos.
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Secrets and Lies: The Asian Development Bank’s new forest policy

29 Jun

The ADB’s proposed new forest policy is shrouded in secrecy. No surprises there, then.
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The Asian Development Bank’s proposed new forest policy: why should we care?

3 Dec

Presentation at WRM/WALHI Southeast Asia Regional Meeting on Oil Palm and Pulpwood Plantations.
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Laos: Ongoing problems with the Asian Development Bank’s “successful” Nam Leuk dam

21 Jul

The ADB claims that the Nam Leuk dam is a successful project. Recent research in Laos indicates serious ongoing problems for villagers affected by the project.
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Laos: Ecosecurities helps ADB provide carbon subsidies to the pulp industry

25 Nov

The Asian Development Bank’s big plans for plantations in Laos might include carbon dumps.
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Banking on the forests: The politics of the ADB’s involvement in Asia’s forests

1 Nov

Published in Guerrero, D. (ed.) (2003) A Handbook on the Asian Development Bank: The ADB and its operations in Asia and the Pacific Region. Focus Asien no. 16. Asienhaus, Essen. November 2003.
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ADB’s draft forest policy: The politics of participation

1 Oct

The ADB likes to talk about “stakeholders”, “participation” and “consultation”, but the Bank’s review of its forest policy demonstrates that these words have no meaning within the Bank.
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