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Vietnam starts resettlement to make way for massive Son La dam

25 Apr

The Son La People’s Committee has moved the first 52 people of a total of 91,000 that will be forcibly evicted to make way for the massive Son La dam. At least 13 indigenous groups live in the 275 square kilometres that would be flooded by the reservoir behind the dam.
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Laos: Asian Development Bank to support proposed Nam Theun 2 dam

24 Mar

The Asian Development Bank is considering financing the proposed Nam Theun 2 dam. Although the project may never be built, it has already had serious impacts on people and forests in Laos.
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Skanska pulls out of dam building . . . or does it?

25 Feb

The environment department at Skanska, one of the world’s largest construction firms, announced recently that Skanska is to pull out of dam building. Unfortunately it is not true.
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Laos: Nam Theun 2 dam – Fighting corruption World Bank style

24 Feb

Where has the money that a Lao military logging company made from logging the reservoir area of the proposed Nam Theun 2 dam? The World Bank doesn’t seem to care.
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Laos: The impact of the Nam Theun 2 dam on Indigenous Peoples

25 Sep

More than 130,000 people would see their livelihoods destroyed if the Nam Theun 2 dam were built. The project has already had a serious impact on indigenous communities living in the reservoir area.
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Vietnam: Swedish involvement in dam that will hit Cambodians

22 Jul

The Yali Falls dam has caused devastating impacts on downstream communities in Cambodia. The Vietnamese government is building another dam on the same river, with Swedish help.
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Laos: IUCN’s controversial role in the Nam Theun 2 dam

25 Mar

Until recently, Electricté de France, one of the developers of the Nam Theun 2 dam, was an IUCN “partner in conservation”. Perhaps that explains why IUCN doesn’t oppose the proposed dam.
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