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Glyphosate herbicide, the poison from the skies

28 Aug

As part of its “war on drugs”, the US continues to finance herbicide spraying of coca crops in Colombia. The impact on production, trade and consumption of drugs is practically nil. The impact on people and the environment in Colombia is devastating.
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Laos: In the cooking pot – Indigenous Katu diet and livelihoods

26 Aug

A recent study of the Katu by Jutta Krahn documents how their diet and livelihoods are changing.
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Burma: The politics of conservation – Wildlife Conservation Society

13 Jul

Eyes wide shut – the Wilderness Conservation Society is in bed with the murderous Burmese regime.
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Legal and illegal logging in Vietnam

20 Mar

A new report by Pamela McElwee, “You say illegal, I say legal”, explores the issues behind illegal logging in Vietnam.
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Laos: US war on drugs is leading to increased poverty

25 May

The US is supporting a drug programme in Laos which is impoverishing thousands of people.
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Vietnam: Government repression of Indigenous Peoples

24 May

The Vietnamese government responded brutally to peaceful demonstrations by Indigenous Peoples in the Central Highlands of Vietnam in April.
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ADB’s draft forest policy: The politics of participation

1 Oct

The ADB likes to talk about “stakeholders”, “participation” and “consultation”, but the Bank’s review of its forest policy demonstrates that these words have no meaning within the Bank.
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