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State Secretary Erich Stather’s reply to German NGO letter about Nam Theun 2

13 Mar

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Does the World Bank have a position on GM trees?

1 Dec

Do World Bank policies allow the Bank to fund GM tree plantations? No one at the Bank seems to know.
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The carbon spin doctors: How the World Bank explains emissions trading to journalists

16 Jul

At a workshop at the Carbon Expo in Cologne, the World Bank explained why it is creating a new commodity: carbon.
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Laos: French company pulls the plug on Nam Theun 2

24 Jul

In July 2003, Electricité de France announced that it was pulling out of the Nam Theun 2 dam project in Laos.
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Vietnam: Unique biodiversity threatened by World Bank-funded cement plant

25 Jun

IFC is funding a cement plant, partly owned by Swiss company Holcim, in Hon Chong in the southwest of Vietnam. The EIA makes almost no mention of the plant’s impact on biodiversity.
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Laos: Nam Theun 2 dam – Fighting corruption World Bank style

24 Feb

Where has the money that a Lao military logging company made from logging the reservoir area of the proposed Nam Theun 2 dam? The World Bank doesn’t seem to care.
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Laos: The impact of the Nam Theun 2 dam on Indigenous Peoples

25 Sep

More than 130,000 people would see their livelihoods destroyed if the Nam Theun 2 dam were built. The project has already had a serious impact on indigenous communities living in the reservoir area.
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