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The ADB is destroying the Mekong’s forests and the planet’s climate

22 Dec

Through funding coal-fired power plants, the Asian Development Bank is helping accelerate climate change. Its destruction of forests makes things worse.
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Bangladesh: Phulbari coal mine – “losses beyond compensation”

2 Apr

A UK company is planning to build a huge coal mine in Bangladesh. The impacts would be devastating. The Asian Development Bank is considering supporting the project anyway.
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Greenwash and How to Encourage it: One World Trust studies what ADB says, not what it does

21 Mar

One World Trust’s “Global Accountability Report” looks only at policies and not at what the organisations analysed do in practice.
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Increased poverty, land conflicts and deforestation: The Asian Development Bank’s plantations record

27 Feb

The Asian Development Bank’s forestry sector loans have led to increased deforestation and increased poverty. They have exacerbated conflicts over land, replaced villagers’ common lands with monocultures and destroyed local livelihoods. But the Bank appears structurally incapable of learning from its mistakes.
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Subsidies, secrecy and lies. The case of the ADB’s missing forest policy

30 Apr

Since 2000, the ADB has been working on a new forest policy. It was supposed to be finished in 2002. Five years later, where is it?
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Creating poverty in Laos: The Asian Development Bank and industrial tree plantations

25 Apr

The ADB’s involvement in tree plantations in Laos has increased poverty, replaced villagers’ land with monocultures and destroyed livelihoods.
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Laos: Indian and Japanese pulp giants move in

25 Mar

Assisted by the ADB, Japanese and Indian pulp corporations are taking over thousands of hectares of villagers’ forests, commons and farmlands in Laos.
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