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European Ecolabel’s greenwashing of Asia Pulp and Paper must stop

22 Apr

APP is one of the most controversial pulp and paper companies on the planet. So why have two of its paper products been awarded the EU Ecolabel?

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 153, April 2010.

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Did FSC pass the practical test or is it on the wrong track?

11 Nov

By Chris Lang. Presentation at a conference in Berlin: “Sustainability certificates for agroenergy: Guardrail or lubricant for trade with regrowing energy resources?” organised by Brot für die Welt and FDCL, 4 October 2008.
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Why certification of agrofuels won’t work

17 Oct

The massive expansion of agrofuels is responsible for forest destruction, livelihood loss and increased food costs. Certification of agrofuels will do nothing to address the problems.
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FSC: Stop certifying monoculture tree plantations!

19 Sep

FSC is undermining its own legitimacy and (more importantly) struggles in the South against monoculture tree plantations. The record is not good.
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Uganda: Thousands of Indigenous People evicted from FSC-certified Mount Elgon National Park

27 Jun

Why SGS must withdraw its certificate of Mount Elgon.
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South Africa: A visit to Komatiland Forests’ industrial tree monocultures

30 May

Despite being certified by the Forest Stewarship Council, Komatiland Forests’ industrial tree plantations are far from environmentally or socially responsible.
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FSC’s greenwash at the Convention on Biodiversity

29 May

Yesterday, FSC organised a side-event at the Ninth Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity in Bonn. Activists from Global Forests Coalition and World Rainforest Movement made their voices heard at the side event.
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