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Belgium: Field trials planned of GM poplar trees for ethanol

29 Feb

Why are scientists researching this dangerous, untested false solution to climate change, when other real solutions already exist?
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The Convention on Biodiversity, GM trees and paper consumption

5 Feb

The CBD report on GM trees recommends a precautionary approach to the use of GM trees. A ban would be better.
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Aotearoa/New Zealand: Scion’s GE trees cut down!

31 Jan

Scion’s trial plot of GE trees has been damaged by protesters (or perhaps by rabbits with spades).
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Taking the wood out of the trees – the pulp industry’s dangerous plans for GM trees

13 Nov

The pulp industry wants genetically modified trees with less lignin. The industry’s “solution” will make things worse.
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ArborGen – the world’s biggest GM tree research company plans to get bigger

30 Oct

ArborGen’s GM tree research in New Zealand, Brazil and the US poses a serious threat to people and forests. Yet the regulatory authorities in all three countries are ignoring the risks.
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European Forest Institute chooses to ignore the “overwhelmingly negative” social effects of GM trees

30 Oct

The European Forest Institute is in favour of research into GM trees – despite an EFI discussion paper which points out the risks and dangers.
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Clear as mud: FSC’s position on GM trees

25 Sep

What, exactly, is FSC’s position on GM trees?
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