Genetically modified trees – Further reading

20 Dec

By Chris Lang, published by WRM and FoEI, December 2004

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Further reading

Notes and sources

There are several useful reports about the problems of GM trees. In no particular order, here’s a selection:

Viola Sampson and Larry Lohmann, Genetic Dialectic: The Biological Politics of Genetically Modified Trees, The Corner House, Briefing 21, December 2000.

Faith Campbell, Genetically Engineered Trees: Questions Without Answers, American Lands Alliance, July 2000.

From Native Forests to Franken-Trees: The Global Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees, Action for Social and Ecological Justice, USA.

Rachel Asante Owusu, GM technology in the forest sector: A scoping study for WWF, Worldwide Fund for Nature UK, November 1999.

Designer Forests – The Development of GM Trees, GeneWatch UK Briefing Number 16, September 2001.

Anne Petermann, GE Trees and Global Warming: The Myth of Carbon Offset Forestry, Global Justice Ecology Project.

Anne Petermann, GE Trees: Myths Vs. Reality, Global Justice Ecology Project.

Mario Rautner, Designer Trees, Biotechnology and Development Monitor, No. 44, 2001.

The Orchard of Dr Moreau . . . , Corporate Watch UK, Magazine Issue 9, Autumn 1999.

Jim Diamond and Neil Carman, Sierra Club’s position on Genetically Engineered Trees, Sierra Club, 8 July 2003.

Genetically Modified Trees: A Global Threat, Native Forest Network, Eastern North America, Special Report, March, 2000.

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