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26 Mar

I set up this website as a place to collect things I’ve written, but the most recent post is from the end of 2011. I haven’t stopped writing – since October 2008 I’ve been spending more time looking at REDD (reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation). You can read more about my work on REDD on


CDM does not reduce emissions. Leaving fossil fuels in the ground does

18 Dec

CDM does not reduce emissions. Leaving fossil fuels in the ground does

CDM proponents reluctantly admit the truth about carbon offsets: they don’t reduce emissions.

Published in WRM Bulletin No. 172, November 2011

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David Nilsson: Carbon Cowboy

22 Nov

This year, I have written three posts on REDD-Monitor about an Australian “businessman” called David Nilsson and his activities in Peru. I suggested that he should receive the award of Australian carbon cowboy of the year, after his interactions with the Matsés Indigenous Peoples.

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REDD-Monitor’s May 2011 round-up: Watching REDD unravel

28 May

A round-up of everything you need to know in the world of REDD this month. Well, almost everything.

By Chris Lang, WRM Bulletin 166, May 2011

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The world is watching as the Indonesia-Norway REDD deal stalls

3 Mar

Where is Indonesia’s forest moratorium?

By Chris Lang, WRM Bulletin 163, February 2011

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Forest destroyer Oji Paper to carry out REDD feasibility study in Laos

29 Nov

Oji Paper has cleared large areas of forest in Laos to make way for its industrial tree plantations. Now the company hopes to get REDD funding for its monocultures.

By Chris Lang, WRM Bulletin 160, November 2010

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Monocultures on the March in Southeast Asia

19 Sep

Monocultures continue to expand in Southeast Asia – as does the resistance to them.

By Chris Lang, WRM Bulletin 158, September 2010

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How FAO helps greenwash the timber industry’s greenhouse gas emissions

24 Aug

The FAO uses tax payers’ money to promote the timber and pulp and paper industries.

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 157, August 2010

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What is carbon trading for?

24 Jun

Carbon traders do not pretend that carbon trading will reduce emissions. But if carbon trading is not supposed to reduce emissions, what is it for?

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 155, June 2010.

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Indonesia: Government proposes 21 million hectares of plantations to meet climate targets

26 Jan

Indonesia’s plans for massive plantation expansion make little sense in terms of addressing either deforestation or climate change.

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 150, January 2010.

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Indonesia: Plantations, human rights and REDD

22 Dec

Will the plantation companies responsible for destroying villagers’ livelihoods benefit from REDD?

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 149, December 2009.

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REDD text an insult to Indigenous Peoples

18 Dec

Whilst the latest Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) text doesn’t have the words “Made in the USA” anywhere on it, it should have.

By Chris Lang, Published in Climate Chronicle No. 5, Transnational Institute’s COP-15 newspaper, 17 December 2009.

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REDD, REDD+, REDD++, REDD and bacon, sausage and spam …

14 Dec

Getting tired of the ever expanding REDD plans? Me too.

By Chris Lang, Published in Climate Chronicle No. 3, Transnational Institute’s COP-15 newspaper, 11 December 2009

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Greenwashing the green desert in Copenhagen

30 Nov

The UN definition of forests must exclude industrial tree plantations.

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 148, November 2009.

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Destroying with one hand, taking with the other: Biomass, REDD and forests

25 Aug

Why does the UN’s latest scheme to save the forests not address the drivers of deforestation?

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 145, August 2009.

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The gaping chasm between climate science and climate negotiations

28 Jun

Climate scientists and climate negotiators might as well live on different planets.
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Bath tubs, forests, carbon trading and climate change

21 Feb

Why trading the carbon stored in forests will not help address runaway climate change.
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The ADB is destroying the Mekong’s forests and the planet’s climate

22 Dec

Through funding coal-fired power plants, the Asian Development Bank is helping accelerate climate change. Its destruction of forests makes things worse.
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Dams on the Mekong mainstream would destroy fisheries for millions

20 Nov

Building dams on the Mekong mainstream will destroy the Mekong’s fisheries and subject millions of people to food shortages and poverty.
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Why certification of agrofuels won’t work

17 Oct

The massive expansion of agrofuels is responsible for forest destruction, livelihood loss and increased food costs. Certification of agrofuels will do nothing to address the problems.
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Uganda: Thousands of Indigenous People evicted from FSC-certified Mount Elgon National Park

27 Jun

Why SGS must withdraw its certificate of Mount Elgon.
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Argentina: Scientists confirm that plantations dry up streams and salinise groundwater

4 Apr

A series of peer reviewed scientific papers confirms what local communities living near industrial tree plantations already know: industrial tree plantations suck water out of the soil and dry up streams.
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Bangladesh: Phulbari coal mine – “losses beyond compensation”

2 Apr

A UK company is planning to build a huge coal mine in Bangladesh. The impacts would be devastating. The Asian Development Bank is considering supporting the project anyway.
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Belgium: Field trials planned of GM poplar trees for ethanol

29 Feb

Why are scientists researching this dangerous, untested false solution to climate change, when other real solutions already exist?
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Uganda: Why Is FSC Certifying Land Disputes and Human Rights Abuses at Mount Elgon?

28 Feb

How many more people will be killed at Mount Elgon before FSC realises that the national park should not be FSC-certified?
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