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David Nilsson: Carbon Cowboy

22 Nov

This year, I have written three posts on REDD-Monitor about an Australian “businessman” called David Nilsson and his activities in Peru. I suggested that he should receive the award of Australian carbon cowboy of the year, after his interactions with the Matsés Indigenous Peoples.

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REDD-Monitor’s May 2011 round-up: Watching REDD unravel

28 May

A round-up of everything you need to know in the world of REDD this month. Well, almost everything.

By Chris Lang, WRM Bulletin 166, May 2011

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Forest destroyer Oji Paper to carry out REDD feasibility study in Laos

29 Nov

Oji Paper has cleared large areas of forest in Laos to make way for its industrial tree plantations. Now the company hopes to get REDD funding for its monocultures.

By Chris Lang, WRM Bulletin 160, November 2010

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Monocultures on the March in Southeast Asia

19 Sep

Monocultures continue to expand in Southeast Asia – as does the resistance to them.

By Chris Lang, WRM Bulletin 158, September 2010

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REDD text an insult to Indigenous Peoples

18 Dec

Whilst the latest Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) text doesn’t have the words “Made in the USA” anywhere on it, it should have.

By Chris Lang, Published in Climate Chronicle No. 5, Transnational Institute’s COP-15 newspaper, 17 December 2009.

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REDD, REDD+, REDD++, REDD and bacon, sausage and spam …

14 Dec

Getting tired of the ever expanding REDD plans? Me too.

By Chris Lang, Published in Climate Chronicle No. 3, Transnational Institute’s COP-15 newspaper, 11 December 2009

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Cambodia’s Prey Long forest is “equivalent to life itself” for local communities

18 Jun

The largest area of intact lowland evergreen forests in southeast Asia is under threat.
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