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Ecuador: Commercial exploitation of forest peoples

25 Jul

Aventis CropScience hopes to greenwash its image through sponsoring an exhibition in Frankfurt about Indigenous People and forests in Ecuador.
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Cambodia: The unfulfilled promises of an oil palm plantation

25 Jun

Mong Reththy Company’s oil palm plantation has failed to provide work for people who moved from Phnom Penh to live in the company’s village.
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Vietnam: Social and environmental impacts from export-oriented coffee production

25 May

Vietnam’s coffee boom resulted in large-scale clearing of forests.
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Deforestation in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

3 Jan

Published in Vajpeyi, D.K. (ed.) (2001) Deforestation, Environment, and Sustainable Development: A Comparative Analysis. Praeger: Westport, Connecticut and London, pp. 111–137.
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Vietnam: Road-building threatens Phong Nha Nature Reserve

25 Dec

The Vietnamese government’s planned road building programme threatens an area under consideration by UNESCO for potential World Heritage Status.
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Blinded by science: The invention of scientific forestry and its influence in the Mekong Region

1 Nov

Scientific forestry emerged in the mid-eighteenth century in Europe and has had a pervasive influence in the Mekong region.
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Oil palm plantation in Cambodia

25 Oct

The Phnom Penh authorities moved almost 100 families from a squat in Phnom Penh to work on Mong Reththy Company’s oil palm plantation. Few have found work.
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Role of Finnish Government and consultant in Thai forestry planning criticised

30 Nov

An IUCN report points out “serious flaws” in Jaakko Pöyry’s Thai Forestry Sector Master Plan.
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The legacy of savage development: Colonisation of Vietnam’s Central Highlands

1 Nov

The forests and ethnic minority upland communites of Vietnam’s Central Highlands share a common history of exploitation by colonial administrators, dominant ethnic groups and development experts. Current threats include the construction of the Yali Falls dam.
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