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Cambodia: Indigenous Jarai take out legal case to reclaim their land

28 Mar

Keat Kolney, a Cambodian businesswoman with very close links to the government, has tricked villagers in Ratanakiri province out of their land. Villagers are fighting back through the courts.
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Laos: Vietnamese companies set up rubber plantations in the south

27 Dec

Vietnamese companies are setting up rubber plantations in the south of Laos, impacting on local people’s livelihoods and destroying forests.
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The expansion of industrial tree plantations in Cambodia and Laos

26 Dec

The area of tree plantations in Cambodia and Laos is expanding rapidly, as are the impacts on villagers and their environments.
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West Papua: Biodiversity and freedom

27 Mar

For more than 40 years, West Papua has been an occupied country. The scientists exploring West Papua’s extraordinary biodiversity should not forget this.
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New WRM report on industrial tree plantations in Cambodia

26 Mar

A new WRM report records the impact of two companies’ tree plantations on local communities.
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Cambodia: Plantations and the death of the forests

21 Dec

The Cambodian government has handed out hundreds of thousands of hectares for industrial tree plantations. The results have been disastrous for the forests, local people and for workers employed by the plantation companies.
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Laos: Aiding or abetting? Internal resettlement and international aid agencies

27 Oct

Over the last decade tens of thousands of Indigenous People in Laos have been moved from their remote upland homes. A new report asks whether some aid agencies, including the EU and the ADB, are in effect facilitating human rights violations by supporting this internal resettlement.
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