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China: Genetically modified madness

27 Aug

China started commercial planting of GM trees in 2002. Since then, no one is even monitoring where the trees have been planted.
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Planted soldiers. Petition against genetically modified trees

1 Aug

Forestry scientists argue that the only way to test GM trees is by planting them commercially. This is the precautionary principle in reverse.
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Genetically engineered trees: The pulp industry’s dangerous “solution”

28 Jun

The pulp industry’s solution to polluting pulp mills is even worse than the problem.
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Genetically modified trees cause memory loss

26 May

The United Nations Forum on Forests failed (once again) to discuss GM trees.
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Hot air, fake science and genetically modified trees

26 Mar

GM trees enter the Kyoto Protocol’s “clean development mechanism”.
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The case of Aotearoa/New Zealand

25 Feb

Conflict of interest, GM trees and FSC certification of Fletcher Challenge Forests’ plantations.
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