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Destroying with one hand, taking with the other: Biomass, REDD and forests

25 Aug

Why does the UN’s latest scheme to save the forests not address the drivers of deforestation?

By Chris Lang. Published in WRM Bulletin 145, August 2009.

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The gaping chasm between climate science and climate negotiations

28 Jun

Climate scientists and climate negotiators might as well live on different planets.
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Bath tubs, forests, carbon trading and climate change

21 Feb

Why trading the carbon stored in forests will not help address runaway climate change.
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The ADB is destroying the Mekong’s forests and the planet’s climate

22 Dec

Through funding coal-fired power plants, the Asian Development Bank is helping accelerate climate change. Its destruction of forests makes things worse.
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Dams on the Mekong mainstream would destroy fisheries for millions

20 Nov

Building dams on the Mekong mainstream will destroy the Mekong’s fisheries and subject millions of people to food shortages and poverty.
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Why certification of agrofuels won’t work

17 Oct

The massive expansion of agrofuels is responsible for forest destruction, livelihood loss and increased food costs. Certification of agrofuels will do nothing to address the problems.
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Uganda: Thousands of Indigenous People evicted from FSC-certified Mount Elgon National Park

27 Jun

Why SGS must withdraw its certificate of Mount Elgon.
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