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Laos: Correspondence with the World Bank about Nam Theun 2

25 Mar

How the World Bank avoids giving straight answers to straight questions.
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The National Hydropower Plan Study: Planning and damming in Vietnam

1 Mar

Funded by Norway and Sweden, the National Hydropower Plan Study will result in more dams being built in Vietnam, more rivers destroyed and yet more local people’s livelihoods destroyed. The beneficiaries are Swedish and Norwegian consulting firms.
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Vietnam’s National Hydropower Plan Study: Building political infrastructure and dams

18 Jan

Part of a campaign by some organisations to use whatever strategies are necessary to build dams anywhere in the world, especially in developing countries.
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Nordic involvement in the Song Hinh hydroelectric project, Vietnam

2 Dec

Funding for the Song Hinh dam came from Swedish aid and Nordic banks. Sweden’s decision to fund the project was based on a flawed study carried out by Jaakko Pöyry. A series of Nordic consultants benefitted from contracts on the project.
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Se Kong-Se San and Nam Theun: Too many dam studies

20 Nov

Consultants for the Asian Development Bank are to recommend at least six dams for further study. Local communities are excluded from the process.
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Son La feasibility study consultant selected

1 Nov

The Vietnamese government has chosen a Moscow-based company to carry out a feasibility study for the 3,600 MW Son La dam.
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The legacy of savage development: Colonisation of Vietnam’s Central Highlands

1 Nov

The forests and ethnic minority upland communites of Vietnam’s Central Highlands share a common history of exploitation by colonial administrators, dominant ethnic groups and development experts. Current threats include the construction of the Yali Falls dam.
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