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Pulp Inc. The corporate power of the pulp and paper industry

26 Apr

A new occasional series in the WRM Bulletin, profiling a series of actors in the pulp and paper industry.
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Creating poverty in Laos: The Asian Development Bank and industrial tree plantations

25 Apr

The ADB’s involvement in tree plantations in Laos has increased poverty, replaced villagers’ land with monocultures and destroyed livelihoods.
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New WRM report on industrial tree plantations in Cambodia

26 Mar

A new WRM report records the impact of two companies’ tree plantations on local communities.
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Laos: Indian and Japanese pulp giants move in

25 Mar

Assisted by the ADB, Japanese and Indian pulp corporations are taking over thousands of hectares of villagers’ forests, commons and farmlands in Laos.
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Laos: ADB’s eucalyptus plantations increase poverty

28 Feb

In a December 2005 report, the ADB’s Operations Evaluations Department confirmed that the ADB’s industrial tree plantations project has increased poverty. Yet only one month after the OED published its report the Bank announced another tree plantations project in Laos.
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Brazil: Quilombolas protest against Aracruz Cellulose

27 Feb

In November 2005, hundreds of quilombolas marched through São Mateus in protest against the pulp company Aracruz.
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Veracel pulp mill, Brazil: The impact of industrial tree plantations on land rights and livelihoods

21 Feb

The European Investment Bank has given two loans to the Aracruz-Stora Enso joint venture Veracel pulp mill in Brazil. The Bank ignored the impacts on employment, local people and their environment.
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Brazil: Public subsidies, private gain – EIB and the Veracel pulp mill

9 Feb

Presentation at the launch of the report: The European Investment Bank in the South. In whose interest? by Jaroslava Colajacomo, published by CRBM, CEE Bankwatch Network, Friends of the Earth International and WEED. 8 February 2006, Brussels.
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Indonesia: Deutsche Bank pulls out of UFS pulp project

24 Jan

Austria’s Raiffeisen Zentralbank and Andritz should follow Deutsche Bank’s example and pull out of all involvement with UFS’s socially and environmentally destructive pulp plans.
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South Africa: Plantations – Green gold or green deserts?

23 Dec

Research by John Blessing Karumbidza of the University of KwaZulu-Natal reveals the impacts that industrial tree plantations have on rural communities in South Africa.
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Indonesia: The insatiable appetite of the pulp industry

22 Dec

Not satisfied with destroying vast areas of forests on Sumatra, the pulp industry in Indonesia is expanding to Kalimantan.
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Cambodia: Plantations and the death of the forests

21 Dec

The Cambodian government has handed out hundreds of thousands of hectares for industrial tree plantations. The results have been disastrous for the forests, local people and for workers employed by the plantation companies.
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South Africa: Sappi Saiccor to expand its polluting pulp mill?

29 Nov

I attended Sappi’s November public meeting about the proposed expansion of its Saiccor mill. It was a sham.
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Brazil: Worked to death by Aracruz

28 Nov

A recent report by Alacri De’Nadai, Winfridus Overbeek and Luiz Alberto Soares documents that instead of providing jobs, Aracruz destroys work, livelihoods and health.
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Brazil: Aracruz – Sustainability or business as usual?

28 Oct

In May 2005, Indigenous People cleared eucalyptus plantations and marked out more than 11,000 hectares of their land as part of their thirty year struggle to reclaim their land from Brazil’s pulp giant Aracruz Celulose. Yet UK-based consulting firm SustainAbility claims that Aracruz has a “long-standing commitment to sustainability”.
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Indonesia: The health impacts of living near Indah Kiat’s pulp and paper mills

27 Aug

Pollution from Indah Kiat’s massive pulp mills has enormous impacts on the health of people living near to the mill.
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Australia: Nippon Paper to green in Tasmania (and elsewhere)?

12 Jul

Tell Nippon Paper what you think about its raw material purchasing policy – just don’t expect too much.
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“Open for business”: How the International Finance Corporation subsidises the pulp and paper industry

28 Jun

IFC uses tax-payers’ money to support pulp and paper companies, with little pretence of even attempting to relieve poverty.
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Australia: Gunns plans massive new pulp mill in Tasmania

18 May

Gunns, Tasmania’s biggest logging and woodchip exporting company, is planning to expand its operations with a new pulp mill. The implications for Tasmania’s people and forests are devastating.
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Brazil: World Bank loan to Aracruz is in breach of bank forest policy

21 Mar

The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation gave a US$50 million loan to Aracruz in November 2004. The loan is in breach of the World Bank’s forest policy.
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Swaziland: The impact of 50 years of industrial forestry

24 Jan

A new report by Wally Menne of the TimberWatch Coalition in South Africa documents the social and environmental impacts of industrial tree plantations and the pulp and paper industry.
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Social and environmental impacts of industrial tree plantations

2 Dec

Presentation at WRM/WALHI Southeast Asia Regional Meeting on Oil Palm and Pulpwood Plantations, 29 November 2004.
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Brazil: Plantations, profits and GM trees

30 Nov

The pulp industry is experimenting with genetically modified trees in Brazil.
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Kenya: Biotechnology, eucalyptus but no GM trees

29 Nov

A project to plant hi-tech hybrid eucalyptus in Kenya runs into problems.
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China: Restructuring the paper sector to suit a globalised industry

29 Jun

The Chinese pulp and paper industry is being restructured, at the expense of rural farmers.
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